Prayer Vigil

Prayer for the Council of Bishops

God of justice and compassion:

We pray for the bishops of the United Methodist Church as they meet this week.

We offer our vision of biblical obedience as given by the prophets.
They call us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you.
They call us to be people of the heart, not people of the law.

Guide your church as we recognize diversity.
Help us remove barriers so that all can come in.
Give courage to those who dare to declare that everyone is welcome.

Fill our bishops with the recognition of the validity of diversity.
There was never a time when homophobia was right;
lead us to your understanding of inclusion and caring.

Remind us of all who are in solidarity with us as we pray this week.
Lead us into biblical obedience in the footsteps of Christ. Amen

One thought on “Prayer for the Council of Bishops

  1. This prayer was written by the lay leaders of Sweet Home (Oregon) UMC for use during next week’s prayer vigils. Please pass it on, if it speaks for you.

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